Jeremy Ravine

Awaken on a beach without a clue on where or who he is. Jeremy Ravine is forced to explore his surroundings and seek answers to questions that were tossed up from the seabed. The music, writing, and game development are all mediums of which explore these hard questions that Ravine is facing. Listen, read, and interact with Ravine on his journey in finding out where he came from all the while uncertain in where he's going.


Jeremy Ravine, a Nashville based musician and software developer, has combined his talents to create a project that lets audiences step into an interactive musical experience. The release of Ravine’s debut single, “Lost”, will be followed by a video game release that will allow listeners to follow along with the song while helping Ravine’s video game character explore his new surroundings. Ravine is a newly signed artist to Nashville based independent record label, Vohnic Music LLC. Vohnic Music focuses on combining illustrations and music to create multimedia music endeavors. He is part of the label’s Music Multiverse alongside artists like Vian Izak and Through Juniper Vale.